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Confidence Gestures

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Confidence Gestures

The rules can be applied to a situation from when you first meet a new work colleague to even someone giving a presentation.
Don’t ignore gut instincts. Did you trust what they had to say? A lack of confidence could be down to addressing a group of people and not necessarily down to what they are saying. But a lack of confidence could be down to them not believing in what they are saying.
Tell-tale signs of confidence include the following

  • Posture – standing tall with shoulders back.
  • Eyes – looking up and at the people being addressed. Rarely looking away unless reading from a speech.
  • Gestures – wide, flowing, strong and deliberate with the speech.
  • Speech – clear, strong and slow.
  • Facial muscles – relaxed
  • Tone of voice – moderate to low.
  • Walk – stride into a room with posture and directly looking at who they are addressing.
  • Handshake – firm and strong

Lack of confidence is the reversal of above, for example, gestures are closer to the body with sharp and short movements (see the next post on defensive gestures).

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