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Video Analysis #1

Ok so I’ve sat on the fence with regards to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and was asked by several people to evaluate some of the videos currently out there. First point, and must be stressed, is that either way they have lost their daughter so signs of anxiety and potentially anger maybe misplaced and are representative of what they are feeling towards accusers.

Within the first 4 seconds of the video the interviewer displays signs of aggression, although this doesn’t come across verbally in terms of the tone of the question so its difficult to get an accurate base reading of whether she is normally like this.  Eyebrows are pulled down and together in the centre, the mouth is open displaying both rows of teeth – classic signs but the tone of the question is calm and clear so these could just be mannerisms of the interviewee.

On 5 seconds the camera moves over towards the couple and Kate has her eyes closed for a fairly long period. Either this is a sign that she is a visual person and “visually thinking” about the question put across, or, this is a way of blocking out something that she is not happy with hearing.

13 – 14 Seconds in illustrates the biggest gesture I’ve seen using a MAP (Manipulator). The touching of the ear briefly is a sign that his body doesn’t believe what he is saying. Not only that but he shakes his head in disagreement when the words come out so, again, another subconscious gesture that his body doesn’t believe what he is saying. Not only that but he also closes his eyes. (see 5 seconds in section above). Another contradiction appears verbally, and really doesn’t make sense, stating “I cant comment on that

” but [didn’t give] “her any type of sedative drug”.  Potentially he could’ve put it as “I don’t want to say anymore than…” and this could be down to being interviewed on national TV.

During this question it wouldve been interested to hear what Kate had to say as briefly she looked down and to the right illustrating an AI eye position (Auditory Internal) which is the internal monologue when Gerry is mentioning about “cooperating with police” so maybe this is a conversation she has had with the police already or a conversation with regards to this matter.

On 20 Seconds, right towards the clip finishing, Gerry pauses, closes his eyes for a long period of time, he seems to swallow hard, a sign of anxiety or nerves, when he then opens his eyes they appear to be pointing down and to the left. This is remembering a sensation such as an old smell or touch. As he then continues to talk about fully cooperating with police he shakes his head, a clear gesture that his body doesn’t agree with that statement.

Its a short video, 24 seconds in length, but gestures only take a fraction of a second. Remember that this video doesn’t give a baseline reading of the people in the video and the interpretation of the video is my own.

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  1. January 16, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Ok first of all, I’d like to respond to a negative comment posted earlier. I can’t actually post it as it contains libel comments.

    Nowhere am I stating that they feel guilty about anything other than in the context of the question being asked. The interviewer asked if they used anything, even calpol. When he’s answering he uses a manipulator which shows anxiety in his statement. He could be deducing that he has used Calpol in the past but refuses to acknowledge it. I’m not stating anywhere that they are personally responsible, obviously for certain actions that evening but that is impossible to tell from a 20 second video.

    Sedatives and alcohol has also been proven to act as a great deterrent in delaying body language gestures so statements and questioning needs to be seriously controlled for hours before the recording/interview.

    Remember that body language shows signs with regards to how they are feeling or anxiety/anger/stress/sorrow which will be highlighted in later blogs.

  2. Linda wrafter
    January 17, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Im no expert but ,the scratching of the ear is a well known sign of lying, On other videos Kate has long pauses and shuffles in seat also i think signs of lying ,these 2 need taking back to portugal ,kate need to answer the 48 questions she refused ,and the case needs re-OPENING ,Mccanns lawyer said the other week that mccann do NOT want case re-OPENING we have to ask why ?

  3. Niki
    January 19, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    I appreciate your expert knowledge on the video. However, anyone who has read the police files knows of certain information that has been held back from the investigation ,will also be aware the truth has not been told. Calpol has been used ,Kates father has readily admitted this . Many families use Calpol but this is not what has been implied in the McCann investigation. The concern was, that with all the noise and the twins being carried from their cots to another apartment they did not wake. Kates friend, Fiona Payne herself commented on how odd this seems, this can be found in the police file . Kate placed her hand several times in front of the twins faces to check their breathing.(again witness stement by Fiona)….later, Gerry McCann has claimed that he also now believes the twins were sedated by the abductor. There is a video where he states this, let me know and I will post it to you and see what you think of his comment.

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